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Microbiology Nutrition is built on principles: A foundation with the correct microbiology in the rumen and an understanding of how important this microbiology is, the role they play, and why they are needed.

Appreciating the rumen as a fermentor and understanding the dynamic role that the Smartbacteria have in rumen fermentation allows Priority to unlock the cow’s natural capabilities. Efficient rumen fermentation also allows producers to have a more cost effective approach to feeding cows. Moreover, since the rumen is the center to health, when it functions correctly, the cows have the nutrients to thrive and cow health flourishes.

Priority shares how reducing intakes for ingredients that deliver more nutrients in a smaller package allow cows to eat less and still get the nutrients they need. Read more about this in Priority’s blog on a Nutrient Dense Ration (link

In fact, as the Microbiology Nutrition team shares, “Making the ration more nutrient dense allows producers to get more,” and allows the cows to get more in every mouthful. With their goal as they formulate rations for cow performance and health, Microbiology Nutrition uses the Priority Nutrition Principles. Microbiology Nutrition allows the use of producers’ high-quality available forages, as the Microbiology Nutritionists formulate rations that focus on forages first, without straw or poor quality hay simply passing through undigested and requiring higher or more intake.  Hear the full commentary through the following audio on Nutrient Dense Rations.

Nutrient Dense is about meeting nutritional and energy needs with a smaller, condensed, compact ration that allows the cow to eat less, while still getting more. It is a complete turnaround from the concept of driving intakes. The nutrient dense diet really helps the cow, to become efficient. With Microbiology present all ingredients used are fermented, therefore the cows do not have to work as hard to fuel their body and meet their energy needs. Richard V. Breunig, Founder of Priority IAC, explains in Priority Report Volume 48, “We are able to dense up the diet and reduce the intakes to get the same or greater energy load with less pounds of intake. This provides efficiency for the cow, ration, and producer.” Hear more on their discussion on Microbiology Nutrition and how nutrient density brings efficiency here.

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