Small, but Big Impact


How can you feed so little and change the dynamics of the rumen?

It comes down to the simple fact that a small amount of Smartbacteria has a big impact!

The .05 lbs. of P-One™ per cow per day has the capability to shift the microbiome of the cow. This is because that small serving is packed with a minimum of 34.13 billion colony forming units (cfus) – To put that big number in perspective, if each individual cfu was a second in time, that would be more than 1,000 years in every serving of P-One™!

Not only is P-One™ delivering billions of these Smartbacteria, it is providing the right bacteria, the ones with specific purpose in the body to benefit the cow.

Priority understands that not all bacteria are the same, that the strain truly matters. The unique individual that is the needle in the haystack. By searching for the best of these unique individuals and identifying the strains that have a specific function that benefit health, Priority has the quality workers that have unique and effective functions to benefit digestion. All of these Smartbacteria are found in digestive tracts and are naturally occurring organisms that originate from the Earth.

As Richard learned firsthand from the cows at Clovermist, he started down the path of Microbiology Nutrition by finding these unique individuals. Honing in to learn as much as he could about them and to understand their mode of action for how they could do what they do, he learning of their intelligence in the body. He was even able to fine-tune nutrition to help these Smartbacteria grow and thrive – A truly remarkable product.

Each Priority product is listed with genus species and strain number to deliver the guaranteed Smartbacteria, these unique branded strains of bacteria with the power to make an impact.

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