Smartbacteria benefits plants too


When we launched Priority For Healthy Cows® we never fathomed how far it would go. With more than 20 years of expertise now, we continue to help a growing movement of dairy producers and are impressed by the growing number of ‘non-cow’ uses and benefits our customers are bringing forward. From sheep to horses to even…Giant Pumpkins.

A giant pumpkin grower shared the above photo from his current crops of giant pumpkins, included the largest which he estimates at 1,500 pounds and still gaining.

As the grower shares, “With what I've seen over the years and all my little experiments, Priority does contribute to the plant health which has become my most important factor in growing giant pumpkins. A healthy plant produces a bigger, better quality pumpkin.”

All is interconnected. Microbiology plays an intricate role in health as the foundation to life.

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