Maya Pet

$ 45.00 USD

Better Health. Better Life.

With MayaPet™ we passionately believe that our furry family members can be happy, healthier – naturally!

The rate of allergies, autoimmune issues, and health challenges in pets are on the rise. Their bodies are constantly bombarded by stressors, allergens, and pollutants as the environment continues to change.

MayaPet™ is an anthrobiotic,
beyond a probiotic.

MayaPet™ delivers Smart Strains™ which have specific modes of action in the digestive tract to regulate immune communication, enhance the digestive microbiome, inhibit pathogens, and work on gut acid. Together, these create a healthy and happy gut able to properly nurture the body. As the majority of the immune system comes from the digestive system - What’s good for their gut is good for their body, and what’s good for our pets is good for us!

MayaPet™ is part of the Priority IAC family of companies. The web of companies was founded by Richard V. Breunig,

a self-taught entrepreneur and dairy farmer, after he uncovered the impact of microbiology on health and wellbeing.  

His findings of microorganisms in the soil and their profound impact on quantum wellness led to the creation of the world’s first anthrobiotic. Now he and his team are bringing their commitment to animal health and wellness to the pet world with MayaPet™
- For Healthy Pets™