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Microbiology Nutrition pairs microbiology and nutrition to allow the cow do what she naturally can do.

As a fermenter, the cow’s rumen is designed to allow her to graze the field, eat the moist lush blades of grass, lay down, and make milk. As fermentation is driven by microorganisms, the microorganisms are the starring role in this process.

The world around the cow has changed over time. Producers are making higher quality forages, plant genetics have been enhanced, and the processing and harvesting of feeds is making more fermentable and highly available feeds just to touch on a few changes. All these changes, yet the cow’s rumen hasn’t changed.  The microorganisms will be breaking down the forages, releasing the sugars. As that glucose starts to build, if you don’t have enough microorganisms and the right ones in the rumen, the fermentation can shift to alcohol or your pH will drop and become acidic.

Reproduction and hoof health have deteriorated over the past 20 years and are indications that rumen fermentation is not being maintained. If the gut is not right, every aspect of health will fail.

Microbiology Nutrition is maximizing rumen function with an efficient ration. Applying Priority’s nutrition principles, the ration is effectively supporting optimum bacterial growth.

Smartbacteria stabilize and maintain rumen pH because they perform specific jobs in the rumen. Smartbacteria breakdown complex carbohydrates to simple sugars to glucose to lactic acid to VFAs.

Smartbacteria are naturally occurring microorganisms that originate from the Earth. Through Microbiology Nutrition, Priority is helping the rumen do what it naturally was designed for.

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