Priority’s commitment to animal health is part of a 20-year legacy, empowering animal health and wellness with microbiology and nutrition. This commitment to improve health through microbiology is now drawing to the source, meeting the request of those who cultivate and care for the land to create something to rejuvenate the garden soil.

Bountiful harvests, nutritious feeds, and rejuvenating the microbiome of the soil is the intent of Gardenbac™.

Providing naturally occurring microorganisms that originate from the Earth, Priority is empowering the soil

– For Healthy Plants™ For Healthy Soil™


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Gardenbac contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

Calcium carbonate, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation products.

Directions for Use:
Apply at the minimum rate of 2lbs per 2,000 sq. ft. prior to planting.
Lightly work into soil and water on a calm day.
Planting can take place any time after application.

Storage Recommendations:
Store at room temperature.

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Why is Gardenbac needed?
- Deteriorating soil health
- Increased compaction
- Loss of soil structure
- Excess chemical stimulation

How does Gardenbac help?
These naturally occurring organisms enhance the microbiome to free up nutrients in the soil making them available to plants as microorganisms in soil break down plant matter freeing up nutrients.

These unique strains of Bacillus subtilis B5000h™, B5005h™, B5150h™ are proven pathogen inhibitors.

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