Bacteria Quality System (BQS)

The quality standards that all Priority IAC products meet

BQS = Bacteria Quality System

Bacteria Quality System (BQS) is the quality standards that all Priority IAC products meet. By using state of the art technique in genome sequencing and fermentation, Priority delivers quality Smartbacteria. Smartbacteria are fermented through gentler grow and freeze-drying methods that allow for less cell damage. This maximizes the levels of microRNA in the cell wall and membrane, yielded a more potent Smartbacteria to deliver its mode of action in the body and provide more ‘goodies’ to the body to use. These ‘goodies’ are molecules within the Smartbacteria cell that have the ability to support a healthy immune response.

  • Quality checks to ensure:
  • Bacteria population counts
  • Purity of the bacteria strain
  • Consistency of product
  • Quality checks performed THREE times:
  • Raw ingredients
  • Pre-mixes
  • Final product
  • Certificate of Analysis:
  • Provided on each lot (batch) manufactured
  • Ensures bacteria count meets or exceeds product guarantee

An Expertise as profound as Smartbacteria

Priority IAC Manufacturing

To preserve the authenticity, viability, and stability of Priority products, all products are manufactured under the precision and guidance of Priority IAC headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Priority IAC is focused on quality from the branded strains they have identified to the specifically designed products they’ve developed. Expertise in manufacturing is a natural progression for Priority IAC, providing top-notch products and customer service produced from the family-owned business’ modern production systems.

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