All Corn Silage Ration


Feeding an all corn silage diet is feasible and functional with Microbiology Nutrition.

While some may believe corn silage is all corn, it’s not. Corn silage is a forage, similar to other forages. When correct Microbiology Nutrition principles are applied the Smartbacteria then do their work using carbohydrates as their food, making usable energy (VFAs); when finished, they die (or lyse). They are protein for the cow, known as microbial protein and provided at no additional cost.

Many believe fiber is just in the green form such as those green in color from alfalfa and grasses. Or straw a yellow form that is all wood/ADF. But what is corn silage really made up of? If corn silage is 35% starch content, this means the remaining 65% is forage content. Of the remaining 65%, you’ll find fermentable fiber and sugar in the plant and leaves, as well as silage acids from proper fermentation during preservation. Therefore, with proper harvest one gets the benefits of starch, sugar, fermentable fiber, and silage acids in just this one forage.

The color of carbohydrates in the fermentable fiber form does not matter, microbiology works to ferment without bias to color; feeding based on fiber color seems silly. Regardless of color, forage is fermentable fiber if made early and on the wetter side. Corn silage is a tremendous source of very available carbohydrates.

Cows are very efficient at fermenting carbohydrates when the correct microbiology is in the rumen - The rumen is truly designed as a fermenter. Because of this, an all corn silage diet can be an effective feeding approach. Priority shares this video on feeding an all corn silage diet with Microbiology Nutrition.

Among the carbohydrates that corn silage provides, fermentable fiber is a great source of carbohydrates, as with the example above if the plant is harvested early before turning to ADF and lignin, the 65% that is forage is a tremendous energy source for milk and butterfat as Priority explains in Fermentable Fiber Value. Adding the Smartbacteriato do their work, optimizing energy transport through efficient carbohydrate metabolism, they become the protein – microbial protein.

All corn silage diets deliver a tremendous amount of accessible and available energy to the cow. The Microbiology Nutritionists at Priority also explore how an all corn silage diet is a beneficial approach during feed shortages here.

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