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By Richard V Breunig

With more than 20 years in business, we remain a farm developed and family-owned company. True to our roots, Priority IAC is a different way. Priority IAC has revealed Smartbacteria with specific roles(genomics) in the body that benefit digestion and streamline nutrition.

And here at Priority, we are taking this unique viewpoint, invention, and knowledge directly to the field. Priority has taken a bottom up approach to getting the message out. With a grassroots reach, Priority is in the field to embrace and encourage producers to trust their cows as the truth.

Just as I trusted the cows of Clover Mist when I started down this path with Microbiology Nutrition more than 30 years ago. We understand that all bacteria are not the same, that the strain truly matters. The unique individual that is the needle in the haystack. Found from the masses, as there are numerous species of bacteria, with scientific estimates at more than a trillion. There are trillions of strains (or subspecies/subtypes) of each of the different species that form the estimated population on the Earth at five million trillion, trillion bacteria, or scientifically stated as 5 x 10*30 bacteria.

As we found unique individuals, we honed in to learn as much as we could about them. Understanding their mode of action and intelligence in the body to even being able to fine-tune nutrition to help these Smartbacteria grow and thrive. Thus, each product is listed with genus species and strain number. The strain number is the one in a trillion trillion.

To preserve the authenticity, viability, and stability of Priority products, all products are now manufactured under the precision and guidance of Priority IAC at our headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It is a natural undertaking as Priority’s commitment to these unique strains and the production of quality products provides a dynamic environment. This has been a natural learning progression as Priority is committed to the vast growing customer awareness in Microbiology Nutrition - The firsthand experience from producer’s on-farm learning institution.

Priority IAC products provide unique, branded strains of Smartbacteria.

Your 1st Ingredient™ For Healthy Cows®.

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