Feed Less Protein, Lower MUNs


Protein prices are on the rise. High MUNs and feeding additional protein is an expensive approach.

Microbiology Nutrition provides producers the ability to lower MUNs and reduce protein fed through an energy dense ration.

Smartbacteria eat something, make something, and then they die. When the microorganisms die, the result is microbial protein. The cow benefits not only from the VFAs produced in the process, but the microbial protein from the dead bacteria as these cells are used by the cow as amino acids.

When rumen pH is correct and carbohydrates maximized, cows can get an abundance of microbial protein that is free with the perfect balance of amino acids. Microbial protein is approximately 50% crude protein, which is made through the growth and death of the bacteria within the cow.

Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) testing measures the excess of nitrogen from protein in the body. Anything above zero is waste. This waste takes energy from the cow as she gets rids of the extra nitrogen from her body through her milk, manure and in extreme excess exits through her feet.  

Additional protein in the ration and high MUNs are expensive. With Microbiology Nutrition, a cow can make a lot of her own protein and MUNs can safely be 6-8.

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