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Volume 46 Priority Report 11-20-2020

At Echo Valley, brothers Lamar and Harold Horst are seeing firsthand how Microbiology Nutrition has turned their dairy around. By applying Priority’s unique nutrition principles, they are seeing 20+ pounds more milk tank average, thus far, with a 3.9% fat and 3.0% protein. Feed savings have also occurred with reduced purchased feeds to utilize more of their home grown forages.

They place their confidence and trust in their cows as their own on-farm research projects. Lamar and Harold Horst of Echo Valley Dairy share how applying Microbiology Nutrition has actually changed their outlook of life as they have reduced dry matter intakes and feed costs, while benefitting from increased milk production and improved cow health.  

“It makes you feel a lot more like getting up to milk cows in the morning,” shares Lamar.

“That’s right,” echoes Harold. “We’ve reached production as high as almost 25 more pounds, that’s up from the 58 pounds we started at. It feels like you are getting up to do something, not just go through the motions.”

“There are plenty of times I’ve wondered if we would even be milking anymore if it wasn’t for Priority and what we’ve been able to do, ”states Lamar.

Learn more about their experience with Microbiology Nutrition and working with Priority in the Volume 46 Priority Report.

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