How to turn the dairy?


Priority works with producers and has numerous accounts where they have helped producers to turn their dairy. From the initial distressed calls where their options seem limited and they feel backed into a corner; Priority is there for the guidance, support, and empowerment to put the control back in the producers’ hands.

The tales are amazing. The feedback phenomenal.  Producers are taking back their power and turning the operation into profitable, joy-filled experiences because of the efficiencies that Microbiology Nutrition offers. From unprofitable to profitable, from uncertainty to back in control; the producers applying Microbiology Nutrition see that an approach in their best interest makes all the difference!

The dry matter pounds saved with the nutrient dense approach of Microbiology Nutrition is an opportunity that tightens down costs, while still being able to put milk in the tank.

The industry shares that producers need a feed efficiency of 1.5 pounds of milk, or greater to be profitable. This means that for every pound of feed fed on a dry matter basis, the cow is making at least 1.5 pounds of milk from it.  The below chart shows the feed efficiencies from varying production levels and dry matter intakes:
               90lbsof milk / 45lbs DMI = 2.0lbs of milk per dry matter pound
               90lbsof milk / 68lbs DMI = 1.3lbs of milk per dry matter pound
               75lbsof milk / 45lbs DMI = 1.6lbs of milk per dry matter pound
               68lbsof milk / 52lbs DMI = 1.3lbs of milk per dry matter pound

Digestive health with Microbiology Nutrition allows for nutrient density, significantly improving feed efficiency. The efficiency of Microbiology Nutrition makes farms more profitable with a focus on feed costs per cow.

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