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The innovator is a teacher; teaching in understandable terms. Teaching principles that are reliable, that empower producers, and that producers can apply themselves. For those using Microbiology Nutrition, this provides comfort that their dairy is on track.    

Built on principles, Priority is committed to being your teacher.

Microbiology Nutrition is new and a very different approach to feeding cows, but once you understand it you will know something that no one else yet grasps. Microbiology Nutrition embraces how the cow is naturally designed to work. This is based on the foundation and understanding of how the microbiology functions in the rumen, allowing nutrition to maximize its ability to be a natural and efficient fermentor.

Priority is a farmer talking to a farmer. President and Founder Richard V. Breunig is a producer having managed the world renowned Clover Mist Farms and Microbiology Nutritionists Lindy Riesterer and Emmy Hastreiter have a lifetime of dairy farm experience; together they bring their experience and background to be able to relate over the phone and in conversation. They recognize this is your herd, your livelihood, and you deserve to know and understand!

Microbiology Nutrition is so different from what is pushed out there, but the results speak for themselves:

As Lindy shares, “Our main goal at Priority is to teach you why we are feeding the cow the way we suggest, what benefits it gives the cow, why it works for the cow. It changes the way the cows are fed and gives the producer amore powerful role in the process.” Learn more about working with Priority in Priority Report Volume 48.

“Before Priority, we didn’t know where to go,” recalls Lamar Horst. “In nutrition itself, the way we were doing it before to now: Before it was so confusing, I didn’t know what to do to fix a problem. Now, if we have a concern, it’s very easy to make adjustments myself and see how the cows respond, to me, to balance things out again.”

As his brother Harold Horst expands, “The one thing I really appreciate with Priority is everything is explained. The transparency and education is all there. Working with the Priority team and Nathaniel Steiner (local Authorized Reseller) has helped us move forward, teaching us and explaining along the way.” Learn more from Echo Valley Dairy in Priority Report Volume 46.  

“I kept asking my nutritionist and they couldn’t solve my problems. They would say they would see what they could do, but wouldn’t tell me anything. Things would wreck. I’d ask. ‘What can I do?’ and they wouldn’t tell me anything. I asked my nutritionist what he thought of Priority, he said, he didn’t think anything good of Priority…They are telling me not to go with Priority, yet they aren’t helping me and addressing the problem,” recalls Noah Weaver. “(Priority) gives us the power to make the decisions that are best for us.”

“I think they are afraid of Priority because you provide information and educate the producer…They don’t know how the cow operates. He’s been to college and doesn’t value what I see from the farm. Yet they are saying don’t listen to the cows. I think it comes down to big companies and universities telling nutritionists to believe and trust what is pushed down on them. The most frustrating thing is knowing all these other producers are being told don’t believe their cows. I am willing to speak to others about my experience and what I have learned and uncovered to be different, but accurate.” Learn more about Noah’s experience in Volume 47 Priority Report.

“None of the other feed companies changed much of anything, but this was different. We decided we’d try it, we didn’t have much to lose…It makes you feel good when you go out to milk and the cows’ udders are full and ready to milk. It was disgusting before, we were putting all this expensive feed in and weren’t getting any milk…the feed guy would say our feed wasn’t the quality it should be to get milk. That we need to add this or that, it was always our feed that was at fault,” shares John Baumann, Sr. “They kept telling us we needed to feed our dry cows straw. That they needed the straw in the ration and it’d make the rumen that much better when they come fresh. With Priority’s approach without straw, we haven’t been having the ketosis or the milk fevers. Even the calves born are healthier, more aggressive as they take a bottle easier.” Learn more from Bauman Dairy in Priority Report Volume 49.

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