Inoculants = Feed Quality


Inoculants are like insurance for quality feed. Producers harvest under many variables during a small window of time over the growing season, yet that feed is what sustains the dairy for the whole year as the source of nutrition for the cows.

Using inoculant, while harvesting at optimum moisture, offers producers a way to optimize the fermentation of the feed they are harvesting and storing. This delivers a solid improvement in quality and reduces the risk of wild yeast and/or molds – A low cost measure to protect forages that determine the outcome of the dairy.

Priority’s Smartbacteria Chopper’s Choice™ inoculant line provides crop specific solutions with:
- Haylage Inoculant
For forages with a high sugar content: Small grain silages (oats, barley, wheat), grass silage, triticale, sorghum sudan grass, alfalfa, baleage

- Silage Inoculant
For forages with a high starch content like corn silage and sorghum silage

- Buchneri Inoculant
When weather/storage conditions are not ideal and/or for high moisture barley, high moisture corn, snaplage/earlage

- Dry Inoculant
For use on all crops. Available as a convenience for those that aren’t set up for liquid

Chopper’s Choice™ Inoculants apply with a higher rate of application. This means that every ton of feed is getting 25% more colony forming units (cfus) than university recommendation. Not only is the rate of application delivering more, but Chopper’s Choice™ is providing the right Smartbacteria, which have a specific task where they can use the sugars in haylage, grass, and small grains and the starches in corn and sorghum silages as the food to produce organic acids for preservation.  

Chopper’s Choice™ Inoculants optimize fermentation by delivering Smartbacteria to drop the pH fast and preserves the forage correctly, benefiting feed quality all year long.

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