Is that data for real?


By: Richard V. Breunig

During my exploration into microbiology from my learning on the farm, the journey to understand the profound impact of these Smartbacteria has been amazing.

I recall a moment in learning during a trial data presentation, illustrated in their above findings on how Smartbacteria Propr1-IAC™ fed cattle performed. The above slide shows that the treated group fed the Prop1-IAC™during the trial was fed a 90% concentrate diet after a fasting period and had a less significant drop in pH and that the group continued eating and the pH quickly returned to the normal range on this high NFC diet.

My conversation with the presenter during this when as follows:

Me: Is that data for real?

Researcher: Yes.

Me: Is that data 100% accurate and authentic?

Researcher: Yes - It is real data! This is what the cows did.

Me: Knowing what those organisms do - I’m going to feed cows differently.

And feeding cows differently is what I’ve done with Microbiology Nutrition at Priority. This research is on Prop1-IAC™, just one of the several unique individual strains of Smartbacteria that have specific modes of action in Priority products. We’ve valued the impact that microbiology has in rumen fermentation. We’ve developed principles around our understanding of this microbiology. And we are providing education on how this makes Microbiology Nutrition possible for producers to apply.

This is the magic of microbiology.

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