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“It’s amazing,” shares Eduard Broeckx, owner of A&E Dairy, as he explains his experience with Priority IAC and the results he sees with Microbiology Nutrition.

The A&E herd is eating a nutrient dense diet, consuming 20 pounds less dry matter intake on average than most herds, maximizing milk with less inputs. Moreover, the cow health is tremendous and contributes to cattle staying in the herd. All possible with Microbiology Nutrition. This unique approach offers new concepts and safe nutrition principles providing producers the freedom to purchase ingredients wherever they want to do business. Plus, this nutrient dense ration with Microbiology Nutrition allows them the potential to achieve more milk and efficiencies with less feed costs.

Richard V Breunig, President and Founder of Priority IAC, and Lindy Riesterer, Microbiology Nutritionist, visit with Eduard as he shares what he sees at his dairy, his own research-proving site where the cows prove what works.

Learn more about Microbiology Nutrition and working with Priority in the Volume 50 Priority Report.

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