Microbiology is the Answer


Priority has taken an objective view of nutrition by stepping back and viewing the advancements in forages that have changed rumen fermentation, while not accepting that pushing milk production forward needs to mean sacrificing nearly all health parameters. Ironically, this innovation has not been recognized. The industry continues to use old nutrition concepts like overfeeding protein, adding excessive fat, and adding other unnecessary ingredients as a shot in the dark way to find results at the expense of the producer and their pocketbook.

Microbiology, and its advancements, is becoming the new norm by getting the gut healthy, improving the fermentation and wellbeing of all animals and humans alike.

How is it that we know and believe that a single pathogenic, microscopic “Bad Guy” could make us sick or lead to death, driving us to the point of germaphobia; yet the impact of the “Good Guys” and the power they provide to advance nutrition is dismissed and disregarded? How is it that acidosis and sub-acute rumen acidosis are merely a microbiological disorder, yet microbiology has been over looked as the best solution? Instead excessive buffers, particle length, and even feeding straw (components that aren’t digestible) are used – Seems a bit crazy!

Priority has defied this approach by pairing microbiology and nutrition. With more than 20 years serving producers and cows, Priority IAC is standing the test of time, helping one herd at a time.

As the rumen contains naturally occurring microorganisms, P-One™ is supplying the correct strains and enough of them to handle the big loads of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates i.e. fermentable fibers, starch, and sugars that the cows are being fed today.

Priority IAC products bring Smartbacteria – bacteria fighting bacteria. Smartbacteria – bacteria stabilizing and maintaining rumen pH. Smartbacteria – bacteria shifting the profile of the microbiome, bringing the rumen bugs and environment similar cow to cow.

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