Microbiology Nutrition: Changing How Cows are Fed


Microbiology Nutrition is a completely different way of thinking and doing nutrition. As the only company bringing the fields of microbiology and nutrition together, Priority IAC is paradigm shifting.

Providing a more cost-effective, hands-on approach to nutrition, Priority brings forward nutrition principles that honor the cow and her needs for a productive and efficient approached to dairying and milk production.

Priority’s understanding of how rumen fermentation functions at the microbiological level achieves benefits with equalized microbiomes from cow to cow. Priority IAC is bringing forward Principles to nutrition, which include:

- Empowering the Producer
- Smartbacteria, Smart Microbiome
- Nutrient Dense Diets
- Lower MUNs – Less Protein Fed
- Fermentable Fiber & Forage Quality
- Water is Energy
- All Corn Silage Diets
- Feeding to an Empty Bunk
- No Straw or Poor Quality Forage in Ration

Learn more about these principles and Priority’s innovative approach: READ HERE

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