Microbiology Nutrition – It’s Different Thinking


Volume 47 Priority Report 1-8-2021

As the industry evaluates top production and tank averages for the pinnacle of success, it might be tough to believe that even that a 104#milk production level could need assistance. There is a tremendous expense to reach that level of performance. The cost of feed, the toll on herd health, and an unsustainable business model were among the large challenges he faced – For Noah Weaver it was costing him more to make those pounds of milk than what he was paid for them. Looking for a more cost-effective approach to help his business and livelihood perform so he wasn’t under the control of others – He was looking for a different way.

Noah Weaver discusses what he has seen in his herd. Here are some of his findings as he uses his dairy as a research-proving site, his very own on-farm trial.

“Now I listen to my cows, not people. Cows speak the truth, people lie. I know some of these nutritionists don’t know better, it’s not what they are taught or open to,” shares Noah from his experience moving to Microbiology Nutrition.

Learn more about Noah’s experience and herd results with Microbiology Nutrition and working with Priority in the Volume 47 Priority Report

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