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“Every producer has to economically evaluate their dairy. Is more milk what they need? Every dairy as a manager has to understand their bottom line and know what works best for them. Microbiology Nutrition can work for all these different business scenarios,” shares Lindy Riesterer, Microbiology Nutritionist.

Richard V. Breunig, President & Founder, agrees as he explains, “We start by looking at where the producers are at and then where Microbiology Nutrition would take you.”

As the inventor of Microbiology Nutrition: Richard V. Breunig, Priority IAC President & Founder, shares the logical workings of Microbiology Nutrition. In this edition they share insights and discuss their unique perspective on nutrition with the foundation being microbiology, the simple principles to nutrition, and how they are maximizing the rumen’s efficiency by realizing and applying Microbiology Nutrition.  

Learn more about Microbiology Nutrition and working with Priority in the Volume 52 Priority Report.

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