Microbiology Nutrition – Making the Microbiomes the Same


Smartbacteria enhance the rumen by helping with the breakdown of feed and providing nutrients that the cow needs. Through Priority’s understanding of rumen fermentation, it allows us to change the way we look at feeding cows. 

The microbiome in every cow is different, yet all are fed the same TMR and expected to perform the same. Fed daily, the P-One Program™ has the Smartbacteria to shift the microbiome’s profile, making it more unified so the cows benefit similarly from the same TMR. 

The principles of nutrition that Priority IAC has developed brings to the farm simple, direct step-by-step nutrition targets for producers:

Step 1: Stabilize and Maintain pH
Smartbacteria, the first ingredient in the P-One Program™ stabilize and maintain rumen pH. A4000h™ and A2020™ in P-One™ efficiently utilize glucose. This efficient use converts glucose to lactic acid. DCP™ seeds on the rumen papillae to metabolize and transport lactic acid to VFAs directly through the rumen wall.

Step 2: Maximize Energy from Carbohydrates/NFC
Maximize energy with highly fermentable fiber, sugars, starch, and silage acids. This is the proper food to fuel bacteria growth.

Step 3: Protein Needs
MUNs are the measure of wasted protein/nitrogen. Highly fermentable carbohydrates require just enough. 7-9 MUNs is our recommendation, above that is waste.

Step 4: Fermentable Fiber
Forages that are harvested early maturity increase the amount of fermentable fiber. Harvesting at higher moisture levels enhances forage storage and rumen fermentation.

With the use of microbiology, we can maximize the capabilities of our Smartbacteria and apply nutrition in a much different way.

Learn more about The Principles of Microbiology Nutrition.

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