Microbiology Nutrition = New Possibilities


Breaking down the established norms and refusing to accept that the problems dairies face are simply normal; Priority IAC is changing the way cows are fed with Microbiology Nutrition. When the rumen is right with the use of Microbiology Nutrition, one has the ability to look to tangible solutions for on farm problems.

The Priority team shares insights from their conversations with producers as they help herds across the nation move forward; offering alternatives as one does not have to accept things as normal. Microbiology Nutrition is a more cost-effective approach to help producers, their business, and livelihood perform to achieve cow health with a more nutrient dense and cost efficient ration to reduce dry matter intakes, achieving the same or more on less inputs. This is just good business sense!

As Richard V. Breunig owner and founder shares, “Every dry matter pound has a cost to it. When you can get the same, or more, with less it’s always more efficient. When energy is met in a lower intake, the cow has more time to lay down which is when the milk is made.”

Microbiology Nutritionist Emmy Hastreiter concurs, “Microbiology Nutrition can reduce feed intakes by taking out the unusable portions, Priority’s approach only uses what is usable – The same, or even more, with less.”

Learn more about Microbiology Nutrition and working with Priority in the Volume 48 Priority Report.

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