Microbiology Nutrition - The New Way


When costs are high and animal health is challenged, the horizon can look bleak. These frustrations are emotional; one ponders their future daily.

This struggle hit to the core for the Bauman family in Ohio.

From being just days away to calling it quits on the dairy, the Bauman family has persevered to overcome animal health issues and the challenges they were facing. Together with Priority, they were able to beat the animal health challenges with Microbiology Nutrition.

Microbiology Nutrition was the solution to their issues. Microbiology Nutrition pairs nutrition with Priority’s knowledge and understanding of how to feed specific Smartbacteria to benefit the cow for health, production, reproduction, and efficiency.

For Bauman Dairy, Microbiology Nutrition opened up new opportunities and is leading them on a much more positive path, making farming more enjoyable every step of the journey.

As John, Sr., shares from their experience, “It makes you feel good when you go out to milk and the cows’ udders are full and ready to milk. It was disgusting before, we were putting all this expensive feed in and weren’t getting any milk…the feed guy would say our feed wasn’t the quality it should be to get milk. That we need to add this or that, it was always our feed that was at fault.”

Learn more about the Bauman family’s experience and see how Microbiology Nutrition and working with Priority has helped them move forward in the Volume 49 Priority Report HERE.

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