Priority featured in The Milkweed


P-One™ delivers Smartbacteria to stabilize rumen pH. Priority IAC’s Microbiology Nutrition delivers a nutrient dense ration that is a high NFC carbohydrate-based diet that starts with high quality forage. This allows producers to minimize purchased protein and other costly ration additions.

The Milkweed showcased how Priority IAC is leading with Microbiology Nutrition to help producers in their April 14, 2021 issue.

As inventor and founder Richard Breunig shares during the interview, “Mainstream nutrition has gotten so far off track. Computer programs spit out rations. If the program says the ration works, but the cow says it doesn’t, “nutrition” says the cow is wrong! Your cows are your study, their performance is your proof. I believe we’ve lost the basis of nutrition; microbiology has to come first, then nutrition. This is where Microbiology Nutrition comes from!”

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