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The Smartbacteria in P-One™, delivered in this unique product’s proprietary formula, have the function and mode of action to stabilize and maintain pH by optimizing energy transport through efficient carbohydrate metabolism. These Smartbacteria enhance the rumen; therefore, improving fermentation by keeping the fermentor stable and running efficiently.  These bacteria do the endless work of keeping pH right by using or eating carbohydrates efficiently. As these Smartbacteria multiply and die, their waste becomes the food, energy, and protein to sustain the cow’s life.

pH being right is a huge benefit for producers feeding P-One™. Through Microbiology Nutrition P-One™ keeps the rumen pH right while a nutrient dense ration, with a high NFC carbohydrate-based diet starting with high quality forage, allows producers to minimize purchased protein and other ration additions that are costly.

Moreover when the rumen pH is stable by feeding P-One™, this allows for one to critically evaluate cow performance as one knows the cows do not have acidosis or subacute rumen acidosis.  One knows that loose manure, which commonly is attributed to acidosis or inefficient fermentation, has to be coming from a different source as it isn’t acidosis when one is feeding P-One™.

When feeding P-One™, here are some causes for loose manure that may look like acidosis but isn’t:
• MUNs 10 or great
• Moldy feeds
• Butyric acid forages
• Weeds in forages
• Clover
• Refermented forages

With Microbiology Nutrition, producers can critically evaluate their dairy knowing that acidosis or subacute rumen acidosis (SARA) isn’t their challenge. When you can trust the ration knowing the microbiology of the rumen is correct with Microbiology Nutrition, producers have the power to accurately find and correct the challenges on farm.

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