pH – The Balance of Life


By: Richard V. Breunig

Life is in the balance of pH. The ability to maintain pH has a significant impact on all performance factors of the body. The rumen is where life for the cow flourishes; in fact, her health and wellbeing is held within the balance of a narrow pH window. Knowing the rumen pH is stable allows one to manage without the fear of acidosis. For example loose manure is typically attributed to acidosis, but if acidosis is covered or accounted for, there are other areas to consider: Is there moldy feed? Butyric acid in the forage? Fermented clover? Are the protein and MUNs too high?

Many have a difficult time evaluating the dairy correctly, putting all the blame on acidosis or sub-acute rumen acidosis, a simple microbiological disorder. Feeding P-One™ and the simple nutrition concepts help take the guesswork out of nutrition. This creates a simple approach to nutrition through Microbiology Nutrition, allowing the producer to respond appropriately to the cows.

In the more than 20 years I have spent studying the role of microbiology in the World and its impacts on nutrition and wellness, I have found microbiology to be the basis of life, validated by producers who find great comfort with stability and power back in their hand to effectively manage their dairy. Priority IAC is proud to share that we do nutrition, the first todo simple nutrition through microbiology – Microbiology Nutrition. Priority rations are making an impact herd by herd as a farm-developed concept, family-owned company bringing this technology directly to producers.

P-One™ provides Smartbacteria to stabilize and maintain pH by optimizing energy transport through efficient carbohydrate metabolism –There is a tremendous energy to it. These Smartbacteria enhance the rumen by helping with the breakdown of feed and providing nutrients that the cows need not only to survive, but to thrive.

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