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By: Richard V. Breunig

After many years spent developing this technology followed by 10 years proving it worked at Clover Mist Farm, Priority IAC has truly developed as a different way evolving forward with more than 20 years in business. Priority IAC has revealed Smartbacteria with specific modes of action in the body that benefit digestion and streamline nutrition.

We are evolving and persevering because of our commitment to serve producers with our mission: For Healthy Cows®. Through this evolution, Priority has built an operation that is truly autonomous to be able to best provide and educate producers without the manipulation of the industry. With a grassroots reach, Priority is in the field to embrace and encourage producers to trust their cows as the truth.

Just as I trusted the cows of Clover Mist when I started Microbiology Nutrition more than 30 years ago. We understand that all bacteria are not the same, that the strain truly matters. The unique individual that is the needle in the haystack. By searching for the best of these unique individuals and identifying the strains that have a specific functions, Priority has identified the quality workers. All of these Smartbacteria are found in digestive tracts and are naturally occurring organisms that originate from the Earth.

To preserve the authenticity, viability, and stability of Priority products, all products are manufactured under the precision and guidance of Priority IAC at our headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It is a natural undertaking as Priority’s commitment to these unique strains and the production of quality products provides a dynamic environment. This has been a natural learning progression as Priority is committed to the vast growing customer awareness in Microbiology Nutrition.

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