The Good, The Bad, and the…Magic


By: Richard V Breunig

We label things as good and bad because of how we associate the experience. The wreck I experienced in my time at Clover Mist Farms, where a feed mixing error decimated the herd, should by most perspectives be labeled as a bad experience. While it was a time that was full of negative emotion with animals dying, being abandoned by trusted consultants, and mislead by others – I was left in a lonely position with the struggle for the remaining herd’s survival. This was one of my greatest challenges, but has turned out to be the greatest part of life’s learning - A premier breeding establishment at the time, forced to save the dairy, study nutrition and microbiology. This background has proved to be Priority IAC’s greatest asset.

Awareness can come through events that one classifies as negative. 

At Priority we take this knowledge of beneficial vs. negative impacts to evaluate how certain microorganisms function within the body. Some strains have little impact or can negatively affect the host, while others are beneficial, even smart. This has been Priority’s objective. We understand that all bacteria are not the same, that the strain truly matters.

Bacteria do require an abundance of carbohydrates (food)to stay alive and multiply. Everything that eats makes something. That something or by-product may have no effect, be quite harmful to the body, or very beneficial. Their harmfulness or usefulness can be upgraded (improved) by the home (environment) they are placed in (for example the pH of the rumen or gut) or the types of and amounts of food they are given. Thus, where one of these strains from the family may be useless, others are very powerful - Even quite magical. This is what’s called the new age of nutrition and animal health.

Priority had found the power is in the strains, with the simple understanding that the good guys make good things, the bad guys make bad things. Going farther, a tyrant microorganism can wreak havoc by producing lethal or toxic compounds/chemicals which can disrupt the body and cause great harm to the body. Finding the power in the good guy and providing the right food sources creates the magic in today’s nutrition, and the novel concept that is Priority’s pairing of microbiology and nutrition for animal health with Microbiology Nutrition.

On the nutrition side, Priority IAC has revealed Smartbacteria that are quite good at specific roles in the body that benefit digestion, thus the nutrition can be streamlined.  

Priority IAC is a farm-developed concept and a family-owned company, bringing this technology directly to producers. Having learned a lot from working with cows as a producer, I understand producers hold great knowledge and animal intuition, they are able to connect the dots. Our novel approach to nutrition, nutrition principles, and company values makes Priority unique.

Smartbacteria is only available in Priority IAC products.
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