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By: Richard V. Breunig

Variability means lack of consistency or fixed pattern; liability to vary or change. However, change can also be interchanged with evolve. Everything is constantly evolving or changing. We can’t keep doing the things that got us to this point or continue to do the same things we have done in the past and expect different results. To get different results, we need a different way, we need to do something different.

Manure is the byproduct of fermentation, it’s the best indication of how the rumen is functioning. It’s the product that your trial center, your dairy farm and your cows, provide on how things are or aren’t working.

VMS(Variable Manure Syndrome) is an indicator that the rumen is not efficient; in fact, VMS is so common today that most people think it is normal for cows to have inconsistent manure. With TMR feeding, each cow eats the same diet, yet each cow doesn’t have the same manure consistency. This inconsistency, or variability, indicates that something has gone wrong in the digestion process. These variations in manure can appear as undigested feeds and whole grains passed in the manure or even watery, foamy, and bloody feces. Often VMS is found in a herd, on the same day, within the same group, without ration changes. We expect that cows fed the same diet would perform and respond the same way to the same feed – Yet that isn’t the case.

However, rumen efficiency and manure consistency can be achieved with P-One™ and Microbiology Nutrition. With Microbiology Nutrition, the cows have better rumen efficiency and are able to better use the feeds they are fed.

Microbiology Nutrition allows us to rethink everything the industry believes it knows about feeding cows. Microbiology Nutrition is the basis of rumen function, recognizing the rumen is a fermentor and needs the correct microbiology to function as fermentation is driven by microorganisms. In this case, adding the microbiology keeps all the cows the same, it keeps the cows consistent, and it keeps all their rumens the same. So the cows can eat the same TMR and respond the same way to the ration being fed. Make all the cows’ rumen microbiomes the same to respond to the ration the same.

As the inventor of Microbiology Nutrition, Priority is bringing microbiology forward to manage variability. Microbiology is the key to nutrition – the key to all life.

P-One™ delivers the Smartbacteria to stabilize and maintains rumen pH.

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