What If?


Being locked down in the thinking, “We have always done it that way” truly keeps one in the box. But…What if?

Questioning “What if?” to all we know to be true is a way to open this box. If unable to, one is truly trapped in their perception of their own reality.

Microbiology Nutrition is a different way.

Applying microbiology to nutrition truly benefits health and wellness as a different way.

Priority is the different way…

The Smartbacteria in Priority Products offer unique roles in digestion and animal health because of their specific roles and functions. The Smartbacteria in P-One™ stabilize and maintain pH.

All heath issues, whether animal or human, are connected to digestion and digestion is connected to pH. pH is rarely spoken of, it’s a lost connection to nutrition. Yet pH is the key to all life!

Ruminal pH is visually seen through manure, with VMS (Variable Manure Syndrome) being a result of inconsistent pH and an outward sign of acidosis, subacute rumen acidosis, and even hemorrhagic bowel syndrome. But when the concern for pH is eliminated, when pH is stable; one can properly troubleshoot, evaluate, and formulate rations with true nutrition principles based on rumen microbiology.

Priority has built such principles and delivers them to producers through Microbiology Nutrition.

While one feeds cows the same ration and expects them to all perform the same; every rumen has a different microbiome, or gut bacteria communities, which means each cows is uniquely different. The same is true with humans, which is why the same food doesn’t agree with all of us. By feeding powerful Smartbacteria in P-One™ to animals, these Smartbacteria are the first ingredient in ration balancing.

Looking for the win-win, empowering producers, and serving the animal kingdom as it should be is the foundation of what Priority does. The world of microbiology offers the answer, providing the solution.

The fact that something so small has such a profound impact seems intangible, but asking “What If?” is the first step in what can be a liberating journey.

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