What is Microbiology?


Microbiology is life, at the microscopic level.

Just as biology is the natural science of all life and living organisms, microbiology focuses on the microscopic section of life. In the human body, there are ten times more microbial cells than there are human cells. This dynamic presence of microorganisms is also in cows; as a single milliliter of rumen fluid contains 10-50 billion microorganisms and the rumen can hold up to 50 gallons of digested feeds, there is a lot of microbiology in there.

As unfathomable the number of strains within the genus and species of a class of bacteria, scientific estimates put it at more than a trillion. There are millions of strains of each of the different species that form the estimated population on the Earth at five million trillion trillion bacteria, or scientifically stated as 5x10^30.

Microbiology is the driver and the cow’s rumen is the vehicle of dairy cattle digestion. The speed and rate of fermentation in the fermentor (rumen) impacts cow performance – Microbiology is the driving force at the wheel. As the epicenter of the cow, if the rumen is slightly off everything is impacted.

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