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Microbiology Nutrition with Priority is a win-win relationship. Microbiology Nutrition is a completely different way of thinking and doing nutrition. With this, Priority brings forward principles to nutrition to educate the producer to the ‘why’ and ‘how,’ explain the intent and purpose of changes, and serve as a catalyst empowering producers to monitor nutrition and the expense that goes with it.

Changing a paradigm, Priority provides a more cost effective, hands-on approach to nutrition. Priority IAC formulates rations that allow producers to maximize their highly fermentable, homegrown forages as the Smartbacteria delivered in P-One™ stabilize and maintain pH and work on gut acid.

The innovative approach to nutrition, nutrition principles, and company values makes Priority unique, believing that the knowledge and power should be in the producer’s hands to make the decisions that are best for their dairy. Priority IAC believes that producers should know what is in any mix in their ration and have the tools to make changes and adjustments on-farm, as they see necessary. While Priority offers expertise and insights, the power resides with the producer, as their dairy is their research and proof.

New customers are shocked and surprised that Priority provides them the mix formulation and ingredients with the customized ration through Microbiology Nutrition. With this information comes the freedom to source the ingredients needed and/or purchase their custom feed mixes from wherever the producer wants to do business. Priority is about empowering producers: No holding them hostage without the details of what ingredients are included, or what changes were made to the ration, or what the feed results are - No leveraging to make them stay because they simply don’t have the information they need to go a different way.

Learn more from the Microbiology Nutritionists as they share insights on what it is like to work with Priority here.

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