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When producers come to Priority, they come looking for the answer to solve the problems and challenges they want to address. Many times these struggles have been going on for a while and compounding.

But, with Priority’s coaching and education they are able to fix these problems as they learn How to Turn the Dairy.

Producers are moving forward with Microbiology Nutrition. With the rumen right, the magic begins. But it takes a cycle of moving through the lactation to see the full benefits. Before working with Priority, some producers experience situations where the start of the lactation didn’t go well, a cascade of challenges mount that impact the entire lactation. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the herd in two ways to keep a pulse on how the herd is changing and evolving:

1) Evaluate the fresh cows.
This is truly the start and has to change to change the dairy. Moreover, this takes time to complete the cycle of cows in the herd. This the most important data as all performance in the cow’s lactation is connected to the start. This start begins with a dry and close up ration done with better quality forages so that the rumen is ready to go upon calving. Microbiology Nutrition delivers a nutrient dense ration at calving to support the lower intakes, so to provide the energy needs.

2) Evaluation of the balance or rest of the herd.
This group, with the traditional ration and start is a slower shift of data. Days in milk is connected to reproduction; watch for changes in reproduction, aggressiveness in heats, and overall health parameters with Microbiology Nutrition. Many times in the first two months of applying Microbiology Nutrition, a lot of cows get pregnant causing them all to go dry at the same time. This, is what is called correcting the cycle.  

Check points: The herd being off track or reproduction problems coming forward on the dairy are typically issues that stem from months previous. One cannot put garbage into the ration and expect the herd to perform as molds, mycotoxins, dry matter changes, and not feeding the ration negatively impact the herd’s ability to perform. Key areas that help move the dairy forward:
               - Quality forages
               - Freshening in 10% of the herd each month
               - Management

By continuing to evolve, Priority is helping herd by herd to move forward with Microbiology Nutrition.

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