Management with Microbiology Nutrition


With Microbiology Nutrition, Priority provides education and principles to nutrition. This empowerment allows producers to take charge of their dairy!

See how these managers are making an impact on their dairy with Microbiology Nutrition.

“I love how Priority works. It’s amazing. They teach me. Everyone thinks you need a nutritionist on the farm, but you don’t. I don’t need a nutritionist on the farm…I understand how the P-One™ works, I understand what to do to make it work. That’s the bottom line. You got to do the work on the farm, watch the cows, and see how they respond,” shares Eduard Broeckx in the Volume 51 Priority Report. “Today farming needs to be all about feed efficiency. I make much more money applying ration density, maximizing production on minimal feed intake. Driving intakes, it’ll make me go bankrupt!”

“(Priority) gives us the power to make the decisions that are best for us,” says Noah Weaver. “I kept asking my nutritionist and they couldn’t solve my problems. They would say they would see what they could do, but wouldn’t tell me anything. Things would wreck. I’d ask. ‘What can I do?’ and they wouldn’t tell me anything. I asked my nutritionist what he thought of Priority, he said, he didn’t think anything good of Priority…They are telling me not to go with Priority, yet they aren’t helping me and addressing the problem.” Learn more about Noah’s experience in Volume 47 Priority Report.

“I talked with Danny Kolm, another producer feeding P-One™, and he said we’d never be sorry we did it; he said it was the best thing he had ever did,” shares John Baumann, Sr.

“Priority took out all the extra things. It’s like half the supplements that were in the ration: Now it’s soybean meal, roasted beans, and the minerals - Priority densed the ration,” recalls Brian Bauman.

“That’s when we made the decision to go with Priority…It has been great to see the cows and heifers change. Before we were stuck in a rut; we didn’t know what to do or where to go. We tried a lot of different things, but they didn’t work. Now with Priority, we see them getting better. Week by week, each week is better,” states John Baumann, Jr.

Learn more from Bauman Dairy’s experience in Priority Report Volume 49.

Microbiology Nutrition to unlock the management potential through education and empowerment, Priority Teaches! The best response to Microbiology Nutrition comes for the best managers and this will always be the case.

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