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When we talk to producers, we hear some interesting questions, but the most interesting one is:  How can microbiology do that?

Simple. Microbiology is truly the foundation of life.

The Smartbacteria in P-One™ adds the microbiology needed for rumen fermentation. With specific modes of action to stabilize and maintain pH by utilizing glucose to lactic acid and utilizing lactic acid to Volatile Fatty Acid (VFAs), the Smartbacteria in P-One™ fuel the rumen to be as efficient and effective as possible. The addition of the microbiology in P-One™ is beneficial as it brings all the cows’ rumens together, making the microbiomes more unified so the cows respond similarly from eating the same ration.

As the majority of the immune system is along the intestinal tract, empowering the wellbeing of the microbiome in the digestive tract makes a big impact on cow health. On the other hand, inefficient fermentation leads to volleying pH, subacute rumen acidosis, and even acidosis situations which produces harmful byproducts and increases inflammation.  Moreover, these challenges in the digestive tract compromise the barrier of the digestive tract making the immune system work harder and respond to foreign bodies because of leaks through the tight junctions.

With Microbiology Nutrition, the Smartbacteria have specific modes of action in the body to make the rumen more efficient and effective. With the microbiome in balance, the digestive tract is in a state of health that positively influences cow health. Moreover, with these specific bacteria being fed daily the producer has the freedom to have a simple ration; a ration without a lot of ingredients, yet is more nutrient dense. A Nutrient Dense Ration with Microbiology Nutrition empowers producers to be able to direct their herd’s nutrition following the Priority Nutrition Principles.

Microbiology Nutrition is about bringing the microbiology, feeding the microbiology correctly, and driving rumen fermentation to benefit cow health.

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