The Great Review


By: Richard V Breunig

I clearly remember the tough days as a producer - When milk prices were low, the struggle to make ends meet was real. For me, like many producers, feed costs were the largest part of the expenses.

When milk prices are low, when margins are tight, that’s the time for the great review. It’s the opportunity to truly put into perspective what you and your cows need to be successful. With any review comes the need to ask questions:
             - What do my cows really need?
             - Why is there so much purchased feed?
             - What are all these additives doing?
             - Why can’t I use my own forages?
             - Why can’t I know what’s in my mix?
             - Why am I feeding straw?
             - Why do I have a difficult time keeping the cows healthy when I feed really good forages?

Our work at Priority focuses on principles to nutrition that are specific and easy for producers to follow. The very first requirement is to keep the rumen pH stable, which is possible through Smartbacteria. The next is to maximize energy in the form of NFCs, learn more in Priority’s blog Representing High NFC.

As I connect with producers across the country, I hear of a lot of complaints relating to cow health from those searching for answers and a different way. From issues such as foot problems, reproduction difficulties, inconsistent manure – it just seems so hard to keep the cows on track, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

By keeping the rumen pH stable with Microbiology Nutrition, producers can safely feed highly fermentable forages, more homegrown nutrients, and require less purchased feeds. This approach to nutrition through Microbiology Nutrition is the answer to a lot of the questions and concerns that come up during the great review on the farm. Moreover, it delivers results that brings everything in perfect harmony and allows the cow to do what she can do naturally with Microbiology Nutrition.

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