Health Challenges Rising


When new producers come to Priority, they typically share their issues relating to herd health challenges. Problems across the herd that others tell them are normal, that they are told to accept and that it’s better than the problems others have. But Priority doesn’t believe that is normal and doesn’t want producers to have to accept substandard and unsatisfactory results.

From producers new to Priority, we hear from them how they are using more vaccines now than ever before, how they regularly fight against digestive upsets across the herd, how manure is inconsistent because of Variable Manure Syndrome, how poor reproduction is, how tough it is to get cows bred without shots, and how they struggle with metabolic disorders in their fresh cows.

Is animal health more off track than ever before?
Are there more challenges, more aggressive pathogens, and more issues present today?
How is it in an industry with so many treatment options, rations add-ons, vaccinations, and medicines that herd health challenges seem worse, not better?

The importance of focusing on cow health is coming to fruition. Producers are beginning to realize that the costs of raising the next replacement to have an abundant backup stock doesn’t pencil out with rising feed and input costs. Tackling today’s animal health challenges is truly the solution, it is no longer a problem to sweep under the rug and ignore.

Priority sees that the power of microbiology is the missing piece.  Nutrition and cow health have gotten so far off track; but this can be fixed. Microbiology has to come first, then nutrition. The rumen is a fermenter, therefore it is logical to focus on microbiology and then fed the microbiology correctly. This is where Microbiology Nutrition comes from, the pairing of these two fields to benefit the cow. This is why the cows are the proof, their performance is the proof of what works!

Science based and research proven, Priority’s microbiology products deliver the Smartbacteria, the first ingredient For Healthy Cows®.

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