Variable Manure Syndrome


Priority brought forward the concept of Variable Manure Syndrome (VMS) to bring awareness that manure is an indication of rumen performance and animal health.

Too often loose manure is immediately connected to that a-word…Acidosis or even sub-acute rumen acidosis (SARA). Is that what is causing inconsistent manure?

pH swings and inefficient fermentation can cause VMS, but for producers feeding P-One™ they know they are delivering the Smartbacteria that stabilize and maintain rumen pH; therefore, producers know that rumen pH is stable and fermentation efficient. Taking the concern for acidosis out of the equation with Microbiology Nutrition allows the producer to evaluate the dairy without the fear of acidosis.

In the blog P-One = pH is Right one of the leading causes of loose manure when the pH is stable is MUNs 10 or greater. When MUNs are over 10, it means the cow is getting more nitrogen in her ration than she needs and is getting rid of the excess through her milk, out her feet, and yes…through her manure.

High MUNs and too much nitrogen means the ration is providing more protein than the cow can use. As the prices of protein continue to climb, feeding more than the cow needs isn’t fiscally viable. The industry is just starting to recognize that it is possible for MUNs to be under 10, but Priority had been leading that concept for more than 20 years and is perfecting the approach with Microbiology Nutrition.

In fact, it is very effective and efficient to feed less protein with Microbiology Nutrition, as the foundation in microbiology allows for the cow to make and meet her own protein needs through microbial protein. Learn more about feeding less protein and lowering MUNs with Microbiology Nutrition here.

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